Who We Are

A Little About Us...

We are a family-operated grocery store, serving friends and neighbors in our corner of Perry County. We are around 6 miles east of Somerset Ohio, about half an hour from New Lexington & Zanesville.

Our Beginnings...

We purchased these 13 acres back in November of 2017, and spent the next few months making it into a grocery store. The big project was the addition that now makes up our main entrance, connecting the two buildings into one. Walls and floors had to be painted, general updates made, and shelving installed. Things always take longer than expected, and our prospective customers wanted to know if we would EVER get done!

Faith And Values

We are Christian people, part of the local Mennonite community. We desire to share the love of God with those around us in our everyday business dealings. There is also an Amish group in the area, and one of the families runs a nice bulk food store several miles from us. 

A Bit of History

Our location was once a nine-hole golf course and indoor driving range. The folks who first developed the property put in lots of time and effort, and today we enjoy the park-like setting they designed! A local Mennonite building crew, friends of ours, put up the original structures. Later it sold and became a convenience store and pizza shop.

Half-price Groceries

Our grocery store caters to people in the Somerset Ohio area who are working hard to find bargains for their families. We want to help you stretch your food dollars in today's difficult economy. Since we're also fairly close to New Lexington & Zanesville, we invite you to stop in and take advantage of our half-price groceries and other discounts!

And One Last Thing...

Most of all, WE LOOK FORWARD TO INTERACTING WITH EACH OF YOU. We appreciate your choice of business, and enjoy getting to know our customers as friends.

What We Offer

Half-Price Groceries

Aisle photo in grocery store

A little bit of EVERYTHING!!! Name brands, organic, gluten free, etc. Who knows what you'll find today?

Discount Housewares

Cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, health supplements, pet care products, and more!

Cold Drinks

Cold drinks inside walk-in cooler

A refreshing selection of cold soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Fabric Store

Display of various bolts of fabric

Lots of colors and textures! Custom orders considered.

Gift And Variety Shop

Display of gifts and children's toys

Inspirational plaques... handmade soaps, wax melts, and candles... childrens' toys... greeting cards... stickers... stationery supplies.

Fresh Marketplace


Milk, cheese, bread, cold sandwiches, local brown eggs, etc. If you forgot it in town, run down and see us.


Outdoor bagged ice machine

Big 'n' small bags, all year 'round.

Propane Exchange

Cage for propane cylinder exchange

For the grill, the jobsite heater, or the camper!


Velvet ice cream freezer

Ice cream :), bait (in season), general merchandise, and other unique finds throughout the store. Our inventory is constantly changing, so come in often!

How Do We Do It???

What exactly is "Discount Groceries," also known as "Bent 'n' Dent," "Banana Box," or "Salvage"? For some people, such a designation conjures mental images of outdated food that's stale, moldy, and generally unfit to eat. (Not to mention unappetizing!) But it doesn't have to be that way! There are numerous warehouses that specialize in salvaging groceries. For a huge store like Meijer or Wal-Mart, it's easier to ship groceries to a salvage warehouse than to waste time discounting them in-store. Sometimes the items are close to the sell-by date, and the store needs to rotate its stock. We sell lots of this type of non-perishable groceries. Also, we get many dented cans, simply because they don't  look nice (thus the name Bent 'n' Dent). Other times a whole store might go out of business in a certain location, so again it's all boxed up (in banana boxes) and sent to the salvage company. The bottom line is that the big stores are happy just to make a little off their cast-off commodities rather than take a total loss, so we can get pallets of groceries for less than wholesale price. As a result... you save money too!

What we find in our boxes

Here's a Sampling of What You'll Find on Our Shelves...

  • Close-dated: This covers about half of our grocery stock. In setting shelf dates, a manufacturer considers the amount of time it may sit on a consumer's shelf - perhaps up to a year! The big stores aren't allowed to sell packaged  after those dates, but we can... and you save money on half-price groceries.
  • Damaged: Bent cans, torn boxes, missing or loose labels... basically if it's not pretty, a major retail store doesn't want it on its shelves. We inspect any item that appears damaged to ensure inner packaging is intact and food is still good.
  • Seasonal: Winter / fall themes, holiday designs, and other seasonal promotions are hard to sell after the event is past. So shelves are cleared to make room for something new. If you ever wished to make Christmas cupcakes in July, now's your chance!
  • "New Look": Same reason as above, the large retailers can't keep every discontinued packaging style or product design, so once again we get the "originals."
  • Discontinued: Maybe a store decides to change product lines, or a manufacturer stops making a product. What's left is removed from the shelves. If Wal-mart stopped carrying your favorite brand, you might find it here.
  • Overstocks: Sometimes there's just too much of a good thing. Or it turns out to not be the super seller it was hyped up to be. Often we end up with some of the "extras."
  • Oddities: Upside-down labels, mislabeled products, or even a pickle jar with only one pickle (we'll give you a good deal on that one).

Mixed salvage groceries in a box
Mixed salvage groceries in a box

HELP! Expired Food... Is it safe???

Expiration Dates - What They Really Mean

  • We are frequently asked about the quality of "expired" food - shelf stable items (like chips or sealed jerky) which are past the date written on that tiny corner of the package that requires contortions and a magnifying glass to read. :) Some people feel uneasy about this, since over half of our groceries are "out of date."  But rest assured, unless the product is over two years past this printed date, it's still perfectly safe to eat. Food doesn't "go bad" the moment it reaches the date. You  will notice that often these dates say "Best By," "Best Flavor By," or "For Best Quality Finish Before." This indicates that the food is still good after the date, but will begin to decline slowly in quality over time. Some things (like nuts) get "stale" more quickly than, say, a dry boxed dinner or cake mix. 
  • We strive to keep this in mind, and if a certain food item has been on the shelf for as long as we feel comfortable, it goes either on a half-sticker-price sale or in the trash. 
  • Another confusing thing is that many times the dates are simply "Sell By" indications so the store knows how long something has been on their shelf, and if it approaches the date, the store sends it to salvage. This ensures fresh products for them at all times. 
  • In the modern era of airtight seals, preservatives, and sanitary processing plants, food simply lasts longer than it did 50 years ago. This is true for all processed food that's sealed. Food with open packaging (i. e. open chip bags) are spoiled and do not go on our shelves. If you find something like this, we apologize; please return it for a refund. Perishable foods like milk, cheese, bread, and fresh meat require closer attention to dates. Our small Fresh Marketplace is not connected with the salvage process; we get these in-date foods separately.
  • So if you see an "outdated" food item that you purchased from us, don't worry... It should taste fine. If for any reason it fails your expectations, please note our "No Sweat Guarantee" below.

Example of product expiration date
Example of product expiration date